Providing You with Health Care at Home.


MUCHs was established in 2016 in order to bring a hospital to a client’s home, and MUCHs is a pioneer in the professional home health care field in Cambodia.  We dedicated ourselves to support the patient’s quality of life wherever they love. 
We, MUCHs, become like a family member to provide medical care and support quality of life of the patient.   We always care about our clients with our heart.

Founding CEO  Mrs. Phirum DYPHAN

Mrs. Phirum DYPHAN is the founder and the CEO of MUCHs, and she is also a nurse with over 15 years of experience in medical care.Since she earned her nursing diploma in 2001, she has worked for clinics and hospitals including an international clinic. She is also active in joining training to update her knowledge and skills. She has joined many projects with international organizations. She started MUCHs with the commitment to supporting clients who wish to have quality home care services in Cambodia.   Her strong commitment toward home care comes from her first-hand experience as a family member who looked after her father at home.

Education:  Nursing Diploma in 2001,   Bachelor Degree of Business Administration

Award: Top 15 Cambodian Young Entrepreneurs 2017 (CYEA)

Skilled Nurses

MUCHs is passionate about training our nurses. Updated knowledge and skills in international standards, and continuous learning are essential to provide quality medical care to you.


MUCHs provides these medically supervised services to the patient at home in Cambodia:


  • Home Health Care(short or long term)

  • Midwifery

  • Traveler’s Emergency Medical Care

  • And many other services 


MUCHs accompanies the patient abroad and follow up with a medical institute there :


  • Air ambulance

  • Accompany medical service abroad

  • Preparation of medical documents

  • And many other options 

Better Care Starts with You!

“I had a big surgery for a jaw cancer. During my hospitalization abroad, I had a feeding tube, and I breathed through tracheotomy. I could do nothing. However, MUCHs served me everything such as bathing and feeding.  I am more than happy with MUCHs.”

Ms. Khun Punhreasey (Patient)


“With MUCHs' service, we were able to feel very comfortable because we didn't disturb our children to look after her abroad for a surgery. We continued MUCHs' service for another month after we came back to Cambodia since my wife needed special care in a long term. She is getting much better now. MUCHs that is the best choice. If I had not chosen a right service, probably we wouldn't have today.

Mr. Sokhan Chroeng (Patient's spouse)

“My uncle is now so much better after I started MUCHs home care.  He can talk more and even tell jokes.   I am happy with MUCHs’ service.  Their nurses are friendly, helpful and trustworthy.  MUCHs assessed my uncle carefully and they suggested the best service for us.  First I thought we would need 12 hour service, but after MUCHs’ assessment, they said it was not necessary to have a long hour service.   Now we use 2 hour service called Life Support Plan.  It’s really supporting my uncle and even us, his family.”

Mr. Huot Pengly

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