MUCH - Mobile Health Care

“We always put ourselves in the patients’ shoes”

Who we are

Concerned and sensitive about health in Cambodia, we are the first company to provide health care at home 24/7 in Phnom Penh and its surroundings. Indeed, we are convinced that home care allows patients to feel more secure and more comfortable.

Moreover, we know that we have to take care of the patients but also of the patient’s families who can face major difficulties.

Our team is formed with qualified, competent and professional nurses. We are always here to assist you morally and physically

We always behave in agreement with our values:

Our Missions

  • To relieve the patient’s family engaged in a demanding care.

  • To guarantee a high life quality for our patient, whatever their disease stage.

  • To dispense personal care based on a rapport of trust, in the respect of patient privacy.

  • To help and support the patient and his family with an active listening and a good understanding of their needs.

  • To provide a mobile and personal health care service.

  • To attend patient’s medical appointment in Cambodia as well as abroad.

  • To ensure the best care service to our patients.